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Why Is My SASSA Money Not In?

More than 48% of Sassa applicants use the Sassa cards to receive grants. Sassa issued gold debit cards to the recipients of social grants so they could withdraw their payments through the ATMs. The Sassa beneficiaries can also use these cards to pay bills at merchants or online stores. Initially, Sassa provided the gold card to the individual to receive the grants for a short-term period. But, due to an extension in the grant, the Sassa extended the expiry date of the golden cards. Most peoples face the issue and are told, why is my SASSA money not in?

The agency ensures the controlled and transparent distribution of the funds by distributing the Sassa golden cards to the beneficiaries. Furthermore, the Sassa cards offer more benefits to the grant holders, such as balance inquiry and hassle-free online transactions. 

Some Common Reasons Why SASSA Money Is Not In:

There could be some reasons if you have already applied for the Sassa grant and didn’t receive any amount in your Sasaa golden debit cards. But before going deep into the article, first of all, check the Sassa application status. If your SASSA application is approved, find the pay date, as SASSA releases the grant only on payday. If your payday has passed and you haven’t received the grant, chances are that your application has been denied. Get assistance and guidance for your SASSA appeal or SRD grant appeal today. I will mention some common reasons why Sassa money is not in.

  1. Verification Issues: Sassa provide the grant amount to South African individuals who cannot support their families and don’t have any good job. If you have enough money in your bank account, Sassa can decline the application. 
  2. Administrative delays: Due to administrative delays, there might be delays in payment processing. No need to worry about it because Sassa knows this issue and will fix it as soon as possible.
  3. Banking issues: While submitting the Sassa application, if you have submitted an outdated bank account, there are delays in transferring funds to your account.

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