How To Apply SASSA Reapplication For R350?

The SASSA reapplication is a procedure in which we resubmit the application so the SASSA team can review our information and issue the grant amount. If you are eligible for the SASSA SRD R350 grant but are still waiting to receive the funds, you must submit an SASSA reapplication for R350.

The process of reapplying for the SASSA r350 is relatively easy. Still, due to a lack of knowledge, people must provide complete information to the SASSA and face difficulties in receiving the grant funds. Properly providing the complete documents to the SASSA team can increase your chances of receiving the SASSA R 350 grant.

How To Reapply For The SASSA R350 Grant?

The reapplication process for the SASSA R350 Grant is very straightforward, and there are several ways to do it. The easiest and quickest way to submit a sassa reapplication for r350 is using the (South African Social Security Agency) SASSA official website. If you need to know the online channels, there is no need to worry because I will also discuss the offline way to submit the SASSA reapplication for the R350 Grant.

SASSA Reapplication form

Online Way To Submit The Reapplication For the SASSA R350 Grant:

1: Visit The SASSA Website:

The online way to submit the SASSA application is very simple. First, we will visit the official SASSA website by entering the “” into the web browser.

2: Confirm The Mobile Phone Number:

Once you open the SASSA official website, enter the mobile phone number that you have already registered with the SASSA in the input field and click the “send SMS” button. 

They will send an SMS with the PIN code to the mobile phone. Now, enter the PIN code and click on the next button. After the PIN verification, a new window will come up with new data fields.

3: Choose A Reason:

Now, choose why you want to reapply for the Click on the next button, and a pop-up will appear with the message” Are you sure you want to reinstate the grant application.” Hit the continue button and submit the required information, and you are done with the application.

Offline Method To Submit The Reapplication For The SASSA R350 Grant:

Although the offline method to submit the SASSA R350 grant reapplication is not straightforward compared to the online methods, it is good if you want to avoid applying to the SASSA website. I will mention the simple steps to reinstate the SASSA SRD grant application here.

Download The Application Form For SASSA Reapplication:

The first step is to download the SAASA application form from the above download button. You can also download it from the official SASSA government website.

Submit The Required Information:

The next step is to submit the required information in the SASSA reconsideration application form. The document contains 5 sections with the names of sections A, B, C, D, and E. Here, I will discuss how to submit each section correctly.

  1. Section A contains 10 fields and asks for basic information like your South African identity number, surname, full name, gender, preferred method of communication, cell phone number (registered in your name), and postal address. Fill in all the required information carefully.
  2. Next to this, section B. Enter the SASSA office address where you will submit your application in the first field. Write the date of the grant application and the date of grant rejection in the second and third fields, respectively. The last field of the second section contains seven options related to your grant type. Tick mark your grant type fields, like if you have submitted the application for an old age SASSA grant, tick the “OA” section.
  3. The next section contains reasons for the request to reconsider SASSA grant sections. Tick mark the fields respectively. You can also elaborate on why you reapplied for the SASSA R350 grant in the “Other disagreement” field.
  4. If you are applying on behalf of others, you must submit section D, “Particulars of applicant’s representative.” If you are applying alone, there is no need to fill out Section D.
  5. Provide your signature in the last section, and you are done with the application.

Eligibility For The SASSA R350 Grant Reapplication:

Please remember that the SASSA R 350 grant is available for South African citizens and special permit holders who meet the specific criteria. Before SASSA SRD reapplication or reconfirmation, you need to know whether you are eligible for the grant. Here, I am going to discuss some basic eligibility benchmarks.

South African Citizenship Or Special Permit Holders:

The SASSA grant is only available for South African citizens and special permit holders. Thanks to the SASSA, it also provides the R350 grant to asylum seekers.

Age Requirement:

If you are between 18 and 60, you are eligible for the SASSA R350 and can easily reapply for the grant. There is no need to worry if you don’t meet the age requirements because SASSA also offers the SASSA Child Support, SASSA Old Age, and SASSA Disability grants.

No Other Income Or Government Assistance:

The SASSA grant is available only for needy people who cannot support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for SASSA Reapplication if you have a stable income source.

Bank Account Or Mobile Wallet:

To receive the grant amount from the SASSA, you must have an active and valid bank account or mobile wallet.

Gathering Required Documentation:

 Before sending the documents, please remember that you also need to attach some supportive documents with the SASSA reapplication. I will mention all the required documents to submit the SASSA reapplication here.

  1. Receipt issued by SASSA. 
  2. A duplicate of an acceptance or denial letter from the Agency regarding the social assistance application
  3. If you are applying on behalf of others, you must attach a copy of the power of attorney issued by the officials.
  4. Some other supportive documents.

How Do You Check The SASSA SRD Reapplication Status?

You can easily check the SASSA SRD reapplication status by filling out the SASSA Status Check form. Just enter your South African social security number in the first field and the phone number you used to submit the SASSA application in the second field. Now, click the submit button, and your application status will automatically be shown below the form.

Tips for Successful SASSA Reapplication:

  1. Check Your Eligibility: The first and main thing is to check whether you are eligible for the SASSA grant. Only apply for the SASSA grant if you are eligible; otherwise, the SASSA team will reject your application again.
  2. Address Any Reasons For Rejection: While SASSA reapplication for r350, make sure to address the reason for the rejection. For example, if your previous SASSA application was rejected due to the incorrect phone number, provide the updated phone number to the sassa.
  3. Update Your Information: Update your financial situation on the SASSA application regularly. If you are unemployed, update it on the SASSA.

SASSA SRD Reapplication Deadline:

There is no deadline for the SASSA SRD reapplication. You can reapply for the SASSA R350 within 90 days of the rejection. If the SASSA notified you that you are not eligible for the SASSA grant, you can re-appeal for SASSA R350.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There could be several reasons why the SASSA says reapplication. Here, I have mentioned some common issues.

  • You are not eligible for the grant.
  • You have already received the current month’s grant.
  • You need to provide the correct information or documents.
  • Update your phone number or banking details.

If the reapplication status of the SASSA is pending, it means that SASSA is still verifying your documents. There could be other reasons for SASSA SRD reapplication pending status like You need to provide all of the required information or your information needs to be corrected.

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