SASSA R350 OTP Card less Withdrawal

Have you lost your SASSA card and now want to receive your money through the SASSA OTP withdrawal online? Don’t worry it is very straightforward to get your money in your account without any ATM card. Generally, the SASSA send the money to it’s beneficiaries by using the SASSA ATM cards because it is very simple and secure way to transfer the grant amount to the applicants. Sometimes peoples lost their SASSA cards and they think now it is possible to receive the grant amount. But I am here to answer your all questions related to the SASSA R350 Card less withdrawal, and SASSA OTP withdrawal standard bank. First check your SASSA status through the form and if the SASSA has released the payment then go to the further process.

SASSA OTP withdraw Online

SASSA OTP Withdrawal Online

There are two methods to withdraw the SASSA amount by using OTP withdrawal without the SASSA cards. The most common methods that uses the South African peoples is SASSA OTP Withdrawal at Pick-Up Points. This method allows you to withdraw the grant amount at designated retail stores without your SASSA card.

After checking the SASSA status if your application is approved the SASSA will send an OTP to your registered mobile phone number. If you have lost your mobile number I will suggest you to update the mobile phone number before submitting the application for payment.

When you got the OTP go to the nearest pick-up point store (such as Boxer, Pick n Pay, or Shoprite) with your ID and the OTP.

Provide them your details about the SASSA application, they will verify your amount and disburse your grant.

SASSA R350 Card less Withdrawal Standard Bank:

The other method that grant beneficiaries uses to withdraw the money without SASSA cards is SASSA card less withdrawal using standard bank. In order to receive the grant amount directly to the bank first update your SASSA banking details and enter the new bank details into the SASSA application. After updating the banking details you will receive a message from the SASSA officials that your banking details has been updated successfully. Once approved, your grant will be directly deposited into your bank account without needing an OTP.

How To Withdraw SASSA Cash Send?

Unfortunately the SASSA cash send option for withdrawing grants is not currently active. It was initially planned in the April 2022 but it was ultimately never implemented. If you want to withdraw the money of your SASSA grant I will suggest you to use SASSA OTP withdrawal online method that I have discussed above. 

Which Bank Can I Withdraw SASSA Money?

There are so many banks in the South Africa that allow you to have your SASSA grant deposited directly into your bank account. But please, keep in mind that you cannot directly withdraw your SASSA grant at any bank. Here is the list of banks that allow you to deposit the money.

  1. Standard Bank(It also offer mobile banking and online banking services, allowing you to manage and spend the money online.)
  2. Absa
  3. Capitec Bank
  4. First National Bank (FNB)
  5. Nedbank

How To Collect R350 Grant At ATM?

You can collect the R350 grant amount by using your SASSA card at any nearby atm. If you lost the SASSA card use the SASSA OTP withdrawal online option.


In conclusion, the SASSA OTP withdrawal online provides a convenient solution for beneficiaries who have lost their SASSA cards. With two prominent methods—SASSA OTP Withdrawal at Pick-Up Points and SASSA card less withdrawal using Standard Bank—applicants have accessible alternatives to receive their grants without the need for a physical card. Updating mobile phone numbers and banking details becomes crucial in ensuring a smooth process. With options like Standard Bank, Absa, Capitec Bank, First National Bank (FNB), and Nedbank, beneficiaries can choose the bank that suits their preferences. For those seeking to collect the R350 grant amount, using the SASSA card at nearby ATMs is an option, or in case of a lost card, the SASSA OTP withdrawal online method remains a reliable alternative.

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