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Are you unemployed and in need of a internship don’t worry the South African Social Security Agency introduce the SASSA internship 2024 program to provide the internship opportunities to the South African citizens. Initially the SASSA offering 100 seats to the individual to participate in the internships. The SASSA aim is to provide the financial assistance to the eligible individuals in the South Africa and now it launches the internship program to help the educated individuals to by providing them an opportunity to work at the SASSA offices and help the peoples in submitting the SASSA Application. The main focus of the internship is on Finance, Customer Care, HR, Business Administration, Communications, ICT and related fields of study.

In this article I have discussed eligibility criteria, SASSA internship 2024 online application process, deadlines, selection process and the benefits. The main purpose of the SASSA internship is to provide the unemployed individuals a particle knowledge and experience before going to the actual job market.

SASA Internship 2024 Application: Apply now for an exciting internship opportunity in 2024

Eligibility Criteria Of The SASSA Internship 2024:

Basically the SASSA is offering two type of internship programs in the 2024 and both program have different eligibility criteria.

1. 100 x SASSA Internship Opportunities for Unemployed TVET College Learners:

The first internship program that the SASSA introduces is “Unemployed TVET College learners”. It is designed to provide the experience and opportunities to the fresh TVET College learners.

Academic qualifications: You must have completed your N6 theory from a TVET college in one of the following fields: HR, Finance, Business Administration, Communications, Customer Care, ICT, or related fields.

Other prerequisites:

  • Be unemployed. If you are already employed and want to apply at the SASSA please, read the SASSA Vacancies article.
  • Be a South African citizen residing near the assigned SASSA office (provincial placements listed in the application materials).
  • Provide a letter from your TVET college confirming you require 18 months of work experience for graduation.
  • Age limit is not explicitly mentioned in official communications, but other sources suggest targeting individuals between 18 and 25 years old.

2: SASSA Internship Program 2024:

This is the general internship program that is designed to provide the assistance to the unemployed South African individuals who never participated in any permanent job.

Academic qualifications: This program have more varied requirements depending on the specific internship field. A Diploma/Degree from a recognized higher education institution is required.

Other prerequisites:

  • Be unemployed.
  • Be a South African citizen who has never participated in another internship program or permanent work (preference, not absolute requirement).
  • Age limit is not explicitly mentioned, but again, sources suggest targeting younger individuals (possibly 18-25).

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TVET SASSA Internship 2024 Online Application Step By Step Process:

The TVET SASSA internship 2024 Online Application process is very simple. Her is a step by step process to do it.

1. Access the Application Form:

  • First of all download the TVET SASSA internship 2024 online application form from below download button the internship application form is called Z83.

2. Prepare Required Documents:

The most Common documents typically required are listed below.

  • Completed Z83 application form (downloaded from SASSA website).
  • Certified copies of ID and qualifications.
  • Comprehensive CV outlining education, skills, and experience.
  • Letter from TVET college confirming 18 months of work experience needed for graduation (for TVET learners program).
  • Any other additional documents specified in the application form.

3. Complete the Form Accurately:

  • Fill in all required fields in the Z83 application form.
  • Provide detailed and accurate personal information, academic qualifications, contact details, and employment history.
  • Double-check for errors and ensure completeness.

4: Submit the Application:

Here are the methods to submit the SASSA internship 2024 applications.

  • Emailing scanned copies of the completed form and supporting documents to a designated email address..
  • Hand-delivering hard copies to a specified SASSA office.

Application Deadline For SASSA Internship 2024:

The application deadline for the 100 x SASSA Internship Opportunities is January 28, 2024. The deadline for the SASSA: Internship Program 2024 may vary depending on the specific internship advertised.

Benefits and Opportunities Of SASSA Internship:

The 2024 SASSA internships offer a range of benefits and opportunities for successful applicants, depending on the specific program you participate in. Here, I am going to discuss all the benefits and opportunities.

Monthly stipend: You will get a R 3 500 a monthly stipend to cover your living expenses during the internship period.

TVET Learners Program: For TVET graduates, this program specifically helps complete the required 18 months of work experience for graduation. This allows you to fulfill your academic requirements and enter the workforce with practical experience.

SASSA Internship Program 2024: This program offers more diverse internship fields (depending on availability), allowing you to explore specific areas of interest within social security and gain specialized knowledge.

Gain valuable work experience: You’ll get hands-on experience in a professional setting, working directly with social security and grant administration in South Africa. This can significantly boost your employability and resume after graduation or unemployment.

What Fields Are The Internships Offered In?

The internships are offered in different type of fields like  Finance, Customer Care,  HR, Communications, ICT and related fields of studies.

Where Are The Internship Placements Located?

This program offers placements in all South African provinces. The specific locations are distributed as follows:

Name Of StateTotal Number Of Seats
North West11
Western Cape11
Northern Cape11
Eastern Cape11
Free State11


In conclusion it is a great opportunity if you are a recent graduate and want to looking for a job opportunity in the South Africa with the handsome salary then I recommend you to must apply for the internship in the SASSA. I have share all the things from the application process to the benefits and opportunities of SASSA internship. Although the seats are limited in every state but it is a great initiative of the SASSA to help the students. If you are confident must apply for the internship post.

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