How To Apply For SASSA Child Support Grant Application Online

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) gives the SASSA child support grant to families in South Africa who live below the poverty line. Like the SASSA R350 grant, the application process for this grant is also straightforward. First, you need to gather the required information, and then you can visit the nearest SASSA office or submit the Application online.

In this article, I have discussed the eligibility criteria, online and in-person application person, and appeal process of the SASSA child support grant.

What Is A Child Support Grant?

Like the other SASSA grants, the SASSA child support grant is offered to provide financial assistance and help low-income families in South Africa. The primary goal of this grant is to assist families in reducing poverty and enhancing the welfare of children. It started in 1998, and SASSA has raised the grant amount several times, with the latest increase in February 2024.

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Apply for the SASSA Child Support Grant Online 2024

SASSA Child Grant Application Requirements:

To apply for the SASSA child grant, you must meet specific criteria. I have discussed the requirements of the SASSA child grant online Application in detail here.

Meet The Certain Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for the SASSA child grant are listed below:

  • For Child:
  • Child’s Age: The children must be under 18 years old and born after December 31, 1993.
  • Residency: South African citizens, residence permit holders, and asylum seekers are all eligible for this grant.
  • Living In South Africa: Although residence permit holders, citizens, and asylum seekers are all eligible for the grant, you must be living in South Africa with your child to receive it.
  • Not Receiving Care From Any Institute: The child should not reside in any state care facility such as a child care home, orphanage, or caretaker home.
  • Not Receiving Any Other Grant: While SASSA provides various grants to support children in South Africa, certain limitations exist. For instance, children eligible for the SASSA Child Grant should not concurrently receive other grants, such as the Child Care Dependency Grant.
  • Age Certificate: To prove the age of the child, you need to attach the birth certificate.
  • For Applicant Or Primary Caregiver:

Here are the eligibility criteria for the primary caregiver.

  • Guardianship: The applicant of the SASSA child grant must be the child’s primary caregiver or legal guardian.
  • Means Test: The applicant’s income with a spouse cannot exceed R52,800 per year for a single applicant and R105,600 for a couple.
  • Residency: The applicant should be a citizen or a resident of South Africa.

Required Documents To Apply For The Child Grant:

Before applying for the SASSA child support grant, we need to gather the necessary documents. Here, I have listed the required and supporting documents for the grant. Although the supporting documents are optional, they will help strengthen the Application.

  • Required Documents:
  • Proof of Identity: The child and the applicant must have valid proof of identity such as ID, diving license, or other document that can prove your identity.
  • Child Birth Certificate With Identity: The child’s birth certificate with the identity number is the second most important document required by the SASSA because it proves the child’s identity and age. If you recently applied for it but have not received it, attach the attached ID with the serial number.
  • Proof Of Income: If you are self-employed, attach at least a 6-month bank statement with the Application. If you are a salaried person, attach 6-month-old salary slips.
  • Attach UIF Card (For Unemployed): If you are unemployed and not receiving funds from other sources, attach the UIF card to the Application.
  • Optional Documents:
  • Marriage certificate: If you are married attach the marriage certificate with the application.
  • Court order granting you custody: If you are divorced and the court has awarded you custody of the child, please attach the relevant documents to your application.
  • Death Certificate: If one of the parents has died, attach it’s death certificate with the Application.

If you have any other supporting documents not listed above but think they are relevant and can increase the chances of your Application, I suggest you attach them to the grant application form.

Application Process For The SASSA Child Support Grant:

If you have gathered all the required documents the next step is to apply for the SASSA child support grant. Unlike the SASSA disability grant the SASSA offers two different ways to apply. You can apply online or in person. Here, I have discussed both methods in detail.

  • Online Way To Submit the SASSA Child Support Grant Application:

Most applicants prefer to submit the child grant application online.

  • Visit the SASSA website: First, visit the official SASSA website and register your account by entering your “South African social security number” and phone number. The SASSA will send you an OTP to your phone. Enter the OTP and click on the next button.
  • Apply For The Grant: Once you have successfully registered your account, the next step is to submit the required information in the respective fields.
  • Upload The Required Documents: Now upload the required documents and click the next button.
  • Upload The Optional Documents: Upload the optional documents in the optional docs fields and click on the submit button.

You have successfully submitted the SASSA child support grant application online. Now, SASSA will send you a tracking ID on the registered phone number. This will help you check your application status in the future.

  • Offline Way To Submit the SASSA Child Support Grant Application:

If you are unfamiliar with the Internet and don’t want to apply online. In that case, the SASSA also offers an offline way to submit the SASSA child support grant application, which is by visiting the nearest office. Here are the steps to raise the child support grant offline.

  • Visit The Nearest SASSA Office: First, visit the nearest office during office hours and inform the staff that you want to submit the child support grant application.
  • Fill Out The Application Form: The SASS team will give you the child grant application form. Now, fill out the application form carefully, and if you need to learn how to fill it ask the SASSA representative, and they will help you.
  • Attach The Documents: Once the form is completed, attach the required and supportive documents to the application form.
  • Submit It To SASSA Officer: Now submit the application form with the attached documents to the officer and ask for the tracking ID.

Keep the copies of the submitted Application for the record.

SASSA Child Grant Amount:

The current amount for the SASSA Child Support Grant in South Africa is R510 per month per child. This will increase to R510 per month per child in February 2024.

Child Support Grant Application Form

Just click the download button to download the SASSA child support grant application form in the PDF, below the download button below.

How Long Does The SASSA Application Take?

The processing time of the SASSA child grant application depends on many factors, such as the number of applications received by the SASSA, the verification process, and the workload on the SASSA. Generally, the SASSA takes almost three months to process and decide. 

How To Check the SASSA Child Grant Application Status?

There are different methods to check the status of the SASSA child grant application. You can check the status of your SASSA application by using WhatsApp, Moya App, or the SASSA status check form on our website. Just enter the “South African ID” and the “phone number that you used to submit the application” in the respective fields and click the submit now button. It will show the results of your SASSA application, such as the Application being approved, the Application pending, and the appeal being declined.

How To Appeal For SASSA Child Grant?

If you check your SASSA application status and it says “application declined,” you should appeal to SASSA. Applications might be declined because some information needs to be included or completed, or you must meet the requirements. If SASSA asks for more documents, send them as soon as possible.

 Child Support Grant Fraud Consequences:

As I have discussed earlier, the child support grant is only for citizens who meet the specific criteria. Suppose an individual receives the grant under false or inaccurate information. In that case, SASSA will pursue legal recourse and may block the individual from future grant disbursements, even if they meet the eligibility criteria.

The Financial Consequences An Individual May Face:

  • Repay the Grant: If an individual receives the grant amount with fraud, SASSA will ask you to repay the grant amount that you have received.
  • Fine: SASSA can also impose a fine, the amount of which will be determined by the duration of time during which the individual received the grant.

FAQs about Child Support Grant:

If you meet the eligibility criteria I listed above, then yes, you can apply for the SASSA child grant. Both online and in-person methods are available for your convenience. 

You can register your baby for SASSA by visiting the nearest SASSA office. Gather the required documents, visit the office during office hours, and inform the staff that you want to register your baby for the grant.

Currently, the WhatsApp service is only available for applying for the SASSA r350 grant, checking your current Application status, or accessing some general information. So, you can’t apply for the SASSA child grant on WhatsApp.

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