SASSA SRD Change Cellphone Number Process:

SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) offers grants to eligible individuals and families in South Africa. To inform the grant holders about their SASSA payment dates and SASSA grant status, the South African Social Security Agency uses a convenient communication method to send messages directly to the beneficiaries. Providing the phone number while applying for the SASSA grant lets the agency keep you updated about the progress of your application. Moreover, the SASSA can send notifications about important updates directly on your mobile phone. That’s why it is important to perform SASSA change phone number.

Most people request SASSA change their phone number due to several issues, like sometimes they lost their mobile phones or wanting to change it due to OTP issues. Sometimes due to glitches, SASSA is not able to SASSA cannot send you messages directly, so you need to change your cellphone number to get updates from SASSA. I have discussed different SASSA change phone number methods in this article.

Sassa sdr change cellphone number online in 2023.

SRD Change Cellphone Number Online Using An Application Id To Fix Otp Code

To update the SRD cellphone number online using an application ID is very straightforward. There are many ways to perform this task. Here, I will discuss changing the cellphone number through the online portal.

  1. Open The SASSA Online Portal: Visit the “” website and log in to your existing SASSA account using your application ID and ID number. If you forgot the application ID, please read the “How to find application ID” article to get the ID number back.
  2. Locate The “SRD Change Cellphone Number” Section: Once you log in to your SASSA account, the next step is to locate the SRD “change cell phone number option”.
  3. Verify Your Account: SASSA will verify your identity by asking security questions. Please, provide the correct answers to proceed with your application further.
  4. Update The Cellphone Number: Now, replace the old cell phone with the new one and hit the okay button.
  5. Provide The OTP: SASSA will send an OTP to your new phone number that you have updated. Provide the OTP and click on the submit button. Congratulations, you have successfully updated your SRD cellphone number online.

How To Change The Number On The Sassa Application Without An Application Id?

If you don’t have the application ID and want to change the phone number on the SASSA application, there are several methods to do it.

  1. Contact With SASSA Customer Support: The best and recommended way to change the phone number on the SASSA application is to contact SASSA customer support directly.
  2. Give Personal Details To SASSA: Once you contact SASSA customer support, they will ask you to provide personal details such as your home address, security questions, and full name. Give the correct information to the SASSA team because it will help them locate your application.
  3. Request To Change The Cellphone Number: After verifying, ask them to update your old phone number with the new one.
  4. Submit The OTP: They will send an OTP to your new mobile phone number. Provide the OTP to SASSA, and you are done with it.

How To Locate Your SASSA Application Id?

The SASSA application ID helps beneficiaries easily check the SASSA grant status. If you forgot to remember the application ID, you must get it back. Here, I will discuss ways you can locate your SASSA application ID.

  1. Login To Your SASSA Account: Use your existing login details, like your South African ID number and password, to log in to your account. Now, view the profile settings and locate the SASSA application ID.
  2. Check Your Application Status Online: One of the easiest ways to locate the SASSA application is to check the SASSA application status. Enter your South African ID and phone number used to submit the application in the fields and click the submit button. Your application ID will be displayed below the fields.
  3. Find Through Old SASSA Messages: The SASSA keeps the applicant updated through the messages. So, try to search for the applicant ID from your phone messages.

What Do I Do If I Forget My SASSA SRD Cellphone Number?

Suppose you forgot the SRD SASSA cellphone number and could not find it. Here are some tips to get it back.

Contact SASSA Customer Support: Call the toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11. Tell them you forgot the SRD cellphone number. They will ask some security questions from you. After the verification, the SASSA representative can look up your cellphone number.

Final Words:

I have discussed different methods to change the SASSA phone number; the process may vary depending on the circumstances. Whether you have your applicant ID or not, contacting SASSA customer support is key to updating the cellphone number. Remember that the up-to-date cellphone number is cruel to get important notifications from the SASSA officials.


  1. I don’t have cell number I want to change the my sister’s number replace with my mother’s contact number

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