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SASSA Appeal For R350: Get Assistance And Status Updates For R350 Grant And SRD Applications

Sassa is a South African social security agency that provides grants to South African citizens, asylum seekers, and special permit holders. The Sassa started the SRD R350 grant in May 2020 to provide funds to the people in South Africa who are unemployed and unable to support their families. Initially, applying for the Sassa SRD R350 grant was straightforward. However, with the recent surge in application numbers, there have been instances where Sassa rejects grant applications due to minor mistakes. If your Sassa SRD 350 grant application has been rejected, you can resubmit the SASSA appeal for R350.

After submitting the application at Sassa appeal for r350, the Sassa team will recheck your application details. They will carefully review all the supporting documents, your employment history, and other required things to ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation of your eligibility. Due to the significant number of applications, the Sassa team may require additional time to process and review your SRD DSD Gov Za appeal.

How Does SASSA Appeal For R350?

Before making the srd appeal, you need to know whether you are eligible for an appeal. Sometimes, Sassa rejects the application without notifying you to submit an appeal, so first, check the status of your Sassa application. If you got a message like you need to “Appeal Sassa”, follow these below steps about how to do it.

  1.  Gather all the required information: Before doing anything, I will suggest you gather all the necessary documents, including a South African ID card number, registered phone number, proof of income(your income should be less than R350), and any other supporting document that can make your case strong.
  2. Visit the Sassa website: Once you collected all the required documents, it is time to visit the official Sassa website. Open your search engine’s “sassa srd gov za” and find the “Sassa Appeal” tab.
  3. Click on it and enter the South African ID card and phone number you used to submit your application. Hit the “send pin” button, and they will send you a message on your phone. 
  4. Write the PIN and click next. Please, select the month for which you are submitting an appeal.
  5. Choose why you are submitting the Sassa appeal for r350 and apply.

Reasons Why My Sassa Srd R350 Reconsideration Decline:

There could be several reasons why your Sassa reapplication was denied. Here, I am going to discuss some common issues regarding reconsideration decline. 

Insufficient Supporting Documentation:

If you have submitted the Sassa appeal without supporting documents, the chances are that Sassa will reject your application. Because Sassa verifies the application before sending the grant payments, without additional documents, it could be difficult for Sassa to verify the application.

Didn’t Meet Eligibility Criteria:

As you know, SASSA offers the R350 grant to individuals who satisfy the agency’s eligibility criteria. The reconsideration request may be declined if your application doesn’t fulfill the criteria.

Missed Deadline:

 If your Sassa application has been rejected, you can appeal it but within the given period. Generally, Sassa gives 30 days to the applicant for the appeal. If you resubmit the application after 30 days, they will likely reject it. Although you can resubmit the Sassa appeal after 30 days, you must write a written application with a solid reason for applying late.

Lack Of Proper Appeal Grounds:

The applicant needed sufficient information for the reconsideration, such as new documents.

Causes For The Denial Of Reconsideration Requests:

A successful application submitted does not mean Sassa will pay you the grant. It means that they have received your grant request. They will check your application and decide whether you are eligible or not. Here, I will mention the reasons for the decline and their means.


This is the most common message Sassa applicants receive after appealing “the existing Sassa grant” This means that you have already received any other grant from Sassa, such as Child Support Grant, Old Age Grant, or Disability Grant.


If you are a student already receiving payment from SASSA as an NSFAS beneficiary, unfortunately, you are not eligible to receive an additional grant from SASSA. SASSA typically provides South African citizens with only one grant at a time.


The Sassa provides to the South African individual earning less than R350 and cannot support themselves. If you are viewing the “Alternative_income_source_identified” message, it means that they have identified that you are earning more than R350.


 Before releasing the grant payments, Sassa checks that applicant is a real person, and they check all the documents, including the South African ID number and other things related to your identity. If you got the “Identity_verification_failed” message while checking the Sassa Status, it failed in the identification process.


SASSA grants are specifically allocated to individuals aged between 18 and 60. If you have received a message stating


It indicates that you do not meet the age criteria for this particular grant. If you are below 18 years old, I recommend applying for a child support grant, and if you are over 60 years old, you can apply for an Old Age Grant.


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