How To Cancel R350 Grant Application Online ?

The SASSA offers different types of grants, such as Child support, Care dependency, and R350 grants, to help South African citizens. Each grant has a different criteria amount. Many people want to change their grant types and ask the following question tha how can I cancel the SASSA R350 grant application? There are four methods to cancel the SASSA grant application.

In this blog, I have discussed different methods for canceling the SASSA r350 grant application using the official website, SASSA WhatsApp services, calling the SASSA, and sending them an email.

How To Cancel The SRD Grant Application?

There are four ways to cancel the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant application. You can cancel your grant online or by visiting the nearest SASSA office. I have discussed all methods to cancel the grant application, including canceling the R350 application without a phone number.

How to cancel the SASSA R350 grant application?

Cancel The SASSA Grant Application Online By Visiting The Website:

SASSA allows applicants to apply for the R350 grant by visiting their website, and similarly, they enable applicants to cancel their application online. Below are the complete steps on how to do it.

  1. Visit the Official SASSA website by clicking here.
  2. Now, scroll down to locate the section titled ‘Cancel my Application.’ It is the second-to-last section on the webpage. (Refer to below Image).
  3. Click on the ‘Click here to cancel online’ button. The button is yellow with black text.
  4. It will redirect to a new page. This page consists of two input fields and a send pin button.
  5. Both input fields are mandatory; now enter your “South African ID number of the applicant” in the first field and “phone number used to submit your application” in the second field.
  6. Now click on the “send pin” button. The button will only work if you fill out both input fields.
  7. The SASSA will send you an OTP on your registered phone number. The OTP generally consists of 6-8 digits; enter the OTP in the input field and click the “Yes, I am sure I want to cancel the Application” button. You have successfully canceled the application online.

If you have lost your mobile phone number or are not receiving the OTP, I suggest updating your SASSA phone number first. A friend of mine encountered issues receiving the OTP until he updated his phone number, after which he received the OTP quickly.

Cancel The SASSA Grant Application By Using WhatsApp:

Most people want to cancel the grant application using WhatsApp due to internet package limitations or lack of knowledge. SASSA allows us to check the SASSA Srd application status and cancel and reinstate the application using WhatsApp. Here, I have listed all the steps to cancel the application successfully.

  1. The first step is to save the SASSA WhatsApp number “082 046 8553” on your mobile phone. I recommend keeping it under the name “SASSA” because, in the next step, we will search for it to send the message.
  2. Now, open WhatsApp and click on the chat icon on the right side of the screen. WhatsApp will then open a new screen displaying all saved numbers in your phone and a search bar at the top.
  3. Search for ‘SASSA’ or the name you’ve saved for the SASSA phone number in the top bar, then click on it. This will open a chat with SASSA.
  4. Write the “Cancel” in the message box and send it to the SASSA. The chatbot will send you questions like “Type SRD to apply for the social relief of distress grant” and “Type Cancel to cancel your grant application.
  5. Type “Cancel” in the message field and send the message. 
  6. The SASSA will reply with a message, “Do you have a reference number?” Please answer YES or No. Please write the answer in the message field and send it to the SASSA. SASSA will confirm that “You have successfully canceled your application.” 

If you need help with your SASSA reference number, read this article.

Cancel The SASSA Application by Contacting to The Helpline:

SASSA provides grants to people of different ages in South Africa. Almost 3.9 million aged and disabled people receive an SASSA grant every year. Most elderly people don’t know how to use the Internet or WhatsApp, which is why SASSA introduced a traditional method to cancel the grant application by contacting the Helpline. Here are the steps to contact the Helpline and cancel the application.

  1. Contact the SASSA by dialing the USSD toll-free number “0800 601 011.”
  2. A calling bot will prompt you to provide the necessary details, such as pressing one to receive information and pressing two to cancel the SASSA application.
  3. Press the appropriate number and your call will be redirected to the SASSA representative. 
  4. Inform them that you wish to cancel your SASSA application. They will then request the necessary information, such as your South African ID and application number.
  5. Once you provide the required information, the representative will cancel your SASSA application on your behalf.

Cons of this method: SASSA receives a high volume of calls regarding grant inquiries, leading to busy lines and a reduced chance of your call being successfully redirected to a SASSA representative.

Cancel The SASSA Application Through Email:

Although it is not recommended to cancel the SASSA application, emailing the SASSA directly is still recommended, and some people still use it. SASSA receives many application cancellation requests by email and needs help quickly replying to each email. One of my neighbors wants to cancel and reinstate the SASSA application. He emailed the SASSA one and a half months ago and still needs a reply. That’s why I suggest you use the above methods if you are in a hurry. The steps to cancel the r350 grant application are listed below.

  1. Open any email app like Gmail or Outlook on your mobile or web browser.
  2. Click the “Compose” tab and write the SASSA email [email protected] in the recipient’s field.
  3. Write “I want to cancel the SASSA application” in the subject field.
  4. Lastly, provide information such as your social security number, phone number, and application number in the body tab and click on the send button.
  5. You will get a confirmation email soon that the SASSA has received your request.

Can We Cancel R350 Grant Without Phone Number?

Unfortunately, we can’t cancel the SASSA R350 grant without a registered phone number. Every time we try to apply, update, or cancel the application, SASSA sends us an OTP (one-time password) to the phone number that we provided to SASSA when we first applied. Please, update the SASSA phone number before submitting the cancellation request.

Can I Cancel My SRD Application And Apply Again?

Yes, you can easily submit the SASSA SRD R350 application even if you recently canceled it. Most applicants cancel their applications because they want to update the information in them. In this matter, I suggest you update the information in the application easily instead of canceling it.

How Do I Cancel My SASSA Child Grant?

If you have applied for the SASSA child support grant but the scenario has now been changed, such as your child getting support from the public care center or receiving any other SASSA grant, You need to cancel the child support grant. The process to cancel the child support grant is similar to canceling the R350 grant. Unlike the r350, you can cancel the child grant application by visiting the nearest SASSA office. Below, I have discussed the required documents and steps to cancel the application by visiting the SASSA office.

Required Documents:

  1. Childbirth certificate with the identity number.
  2. If you are a foster parent, attach the affidavit from the biological parent that you are taking care of the child.
  3. A reason why you want to cancel the application.

Steps To Cancel The SASSA Child Grant:

  1. Visit the local SASSA office and tell the officer you want to cancel the application.
  2. Provide them with all the documents, and they will submit your cancellation requests.

Can I Cancel My SASSA Application Through The Moya App?

No, You can’t cancel the SASSA application by using the Moya app. Currently, the Moya app only allows users to check the SASSA status and chat with another user without data.

What happens After I Cancel My Application?

Once you cancel the application, you will receive a confirmation email that SASSA has canceled your application successfully. Generally, the time frame for SASSA replies is within a few weeks, but it depends on various factors, such as the number of replies the SASSA receives.

Can I Track My Application Status?

Yes, you can track your application status using the “SASSA Status Check” form on the website. Just enter the required details and click on the submit button. Your application’s status will be shown below the submit button automatically.

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